Friday, November 18, 2005

Put down the camera and eat! pretty much what I was told last night by His Froginess at Shearwater.

For the longest time it seemed we had the restaurant and bar at Shearwater to ourself. It was nice because I felt a bit spoiled rotten by the attentions it gave us. Last week you may recall I went on a date night with The Frog and my camera decided to be pouty and mean. Well, this time it tried to do the same but I had backup batteries. So there, camera! Ha!

Again it was a wet and miserable Thursday evening on the way over ( there a connection?Thurs = rain?) but the warmth of the bar and grill after our shopping spree was so very welcome. Since the only other major restaurant around here is in love with their deep fryer and rarely has seafood enough to last the week, Shearwater is a nice contrast. So here is what we had last night:

Frog started with the prawn cocktail (y'know, the one I had LAST week?). Gorgeous and pink as always :)

I had the Greek salad. A tad heavy on the feta but there were enough veggies to contrast the heady saltiness with cool juiciness. One thing I'm not sure about is why they use what seems to be an Italian dressing on it. I always forget and I should just ask for it sans dressing and with a few lemon wedges on the side. Remind me, would you?

For dinner His Froginess had the Steak au Poivre. It look very pretty and he pronounced it very good, especially as the chef remembered from their discussion last week to cook his steak European rare (read: practically mooing). The one thing that H.F. couldn't figure out is why North American steaks seem to spill out so many juices while you eat. We thought maybe that they butcher meat differently in the average North American store. Of course this was discussed after he devoured the plate of food so it couldn't be THAT much of a problem, eh Frogboy? ;-)

I chose the Hot Smoked Salmon dinner. Two pieces of salmon that (correct me if I'm wrong anyone) are smoked right there in Shearwater for the restaurant. So I guess I'm eating local fish. Hardly surprising since Shearwater is a fishing resort as well as a spreadout hamlet of people of various trades. It was served with a sundried tomato aioli, pesto-redolent zukes and tomatoes and rice on the side. Nice but way more than I could eat. I had to doggybag (blush blush).

Afterwards we had pretty much the run of the bar side and the pool table opened up so we could play for free (awwwww... that was so nice!). It's so rustic and charming in that room. The whalebones hanging from the rafters, the portholes on the doors to the outside, the pocketdoor that glitters like diamonds are all part of its beauty. We played two games (I lost both grrr!) and then off into the cold dark night to the seabus to chug back through the waves happily and contented.


Mona said...

Ha, love the Frog comment-that's hilarious. I've still not gotten all too comfortable whippin out the camera at restaurants.

linda said...

I try to take discreet pictures and end up with terrible ones because I have the flash turned off. Mind you, when I was on holiday, I was totally brazen about it.
Your dinner looks very nice, especially that steak..

Nerissa said...

I suppose I'd be more shy about it if I was in a restaurant where I don't know the staff very well. They're practically neighbours and I've been going there since I've been here. Plus I asked permission and I think the thought of free advertising for the restaurant and fish resort was more than welcome. My request was received with enthusiasm, especially when I gave them the address to the site and full permission to use the pictures of the food pics I took at their restaurant.

linda said...

Very cool that you have such a great relationship with the restaurant staff!