Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I wonder if some of you remember going home for lunch everyday during the school year when you were in elementary school. I do. I have the blessing to live a two minute walk from my workplace (school) so I get to go home for a warm, decent lunch if I so desire. And I DO desire. It's nice to have something prepped for lunch for me and my beloved frog coming in from his day of work (6am-12! Poor nightfrog ;} ). Sure it's been warmed-up leftovers or a sandwich with a salad many times but sometimes you want something special to fill your tummy for another round of teaching in the afternoon.

I made a chevre and roasted red pepper omlette yesterday for lunch. The peppers were jarred and the chevre still decent (a present from Beloved Friend's weekend trip a little while back) so with a bit of cutting and crumbling in the morning, I just had to whisk up the eggs, drop it in a warm pan, add the fillings and have a meal ready in ten minutes. 'Course I added a romaine salad with a homemade French vinagrette but that's so easy. It seemed like a restaurant meal from France. How nice is that? Here's the recipe:

Chevre and Red Pepper Omelette (Moosewood adaptation again*)

1/2 tbsp butter
4 large eggs
1 tbsp water
1 whole roasted red pepper, cut into 2x1 inch strips
2-3 ounces chevre, crumbled into tsp size bites
1 tbsp capers

Add butter to warm pan. In a small bowl, beat together the eggs and water with a fork and pour mixture into skillet. When the eggs begin to set, spread the roasted peppers, chevre and capers evenly over half the omlette. Add seasonings if desired. With a spatula, fold the plain half of the omelette over the pepper, chevre, caper mix and cook for about 2 more minutes while cheese melts. Cut omelette into two pieces and serve immediately.

So rich and gorgeous and so easy to make!!! If you're a chevre fan like me you HAVE to try this Mmmmmmmm!

NB: herbed chevre is fine to use too.

The Frog is really happy with the combo too. He said he'd never really thought chevre would go well in an omelette but that he was wrong. Happily wrong. :)

*I told you how well used that Moosewood is! THAT is why it has a duct-taped spine ;-).


darlamay said...

Oh yum that looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by Messy Cucina, I will be back to visit you too! What part of B.C. or you from? I grew up just across the border from Grand Forks and have family in the Penticton/Vernon area.

Nerissa said...

Hi there darla,

Right now I am living at the bottom of the North Coast region of B.C. I grew up in the Fraser Valley, near Vancouver. Afraid that isn't too close to where you grew up but closer, probably than most foodbloggers out there is cyberworld.

Thanks for making a visit here!

Catherine said...

Harumph. Bad egg allergies suck. Living vicariously through Nerissa will have to do.

Nerissa said...

Awwww... poor Catherine :(

I hope my eggs-celent life is worthy to be lived through vicariously LOL

Cate said...

Your picture is definitely making my mouth water, and being a fan of chevre, this is definitely going on my list.

michelle said...

Yum - I actually think I could scrounge up all of these ingredients so this may be dinner tonight (one more day to payday!). Except that you make it sound so easy to turn it and make it beautiful and I know that I'm not nearly so graceful!

michelle said...

Can I ask a dumb question? Promise not to laugh? :) what does the water do? Just thin things out? Does this make it easier to turn b/c it spreads out more?

LisaSD said...

Nerissa--That really sounds good, and I'm very impressed that you get the prep work done in the mornings...

Nerissa said...

Hey sweetnicks, nice to meet a fellow chevre fan! I'm really starting to be glad at how the picture turned out

Hiya michelle--the question wasn't dumb. I really didn't know the answer either so I did a search and it was as I surmised. The water's steam makes the eggs fluffier. Apparently milk doesn't do the same. As for being graceful... LOL you don't know me well. Thing is, I don't turn it! It never asks for that in the recipe so I don't. That's probably my saving grace. So if you're willing to have the egg mix on top to be not quite cooked yet, drop in the filling on half the omelette, use TWO spatulas to flip the top over the mix, and let cook for a couple minutes. I cut it in the pan in half. Then I slide each part out with a spatula onto a plate. Hope that helps??

Lisa--I found this recipe to be very very easy to prep for and plus I have about three hours before work. I get up at 5:30 am with my Frog so I can have some time with him before he goes to work. So I have a bit of time to do a few things if I want.

Randi said...

wow, i thought I lived in a remote area( small town, 4k ppl in southwestern ontario), but Im not that far from London or MI. This was a huge culture shock from me as Im from California. It must be worse for you.