Friday, November 11, 2005

Grease and Eggs

A few posts back I talked about ooligan grease. Well now I actually have a picture of some from our luncheon.
Yesterday we had a Professional Development Day. You know "Teach the teachers something and kids have a day off"day also know as Pro-Ds. Well in the midst of all this we had potluck luncheon where all the staff provided a dish for lunch. Anything can show up--spaghetti, cheesebread, crudite and dip, chocolate chip cake. That kind of thing.

What was cool was that one staff member offered more local flavour food: salmon with condiments of dried seaweed and ooligan grease. NUM!! I forked a nice bit of salmon on my dish, sprinkled it with seaweed and a bit of Kitimat grease drizzled on it. Let's face it, if you don't like the taste of the ocean then just stick with the salmon but with seaweed and grease it adds a totally new dimensions and depth to the rich meatiness of baked salmon.
Later on I took a tiny bit of grease in a spoon and ate it alone. Kitimat ooligan grease is very subtle. I tried to find a way to describe it and could only come up with congealed melted butter (sans salt) with a hint of fish in the undertone. I really do have to admit that I don't care for this grease nearly as much as Nass grease. I remember liking that much better because of the distinct fish taste it had. *giggle* You always remember your first ;-)

I also made an another attempt at the herring eggs also presented at the luncheon. It was yaga, herring eggs on string kelp. It was marinated in soy sauce. In my opinion yaga's much more edible than herring eggs on broadleaf kelp. But I had to grin and bear my way through the small selection I chose once again because I just can't figure out how to enjoy the rubbery nature of the eggs. Probably the same reason I don't like octopus. But at least I can say I try. It's such a loved treat around here that I don't want to pooh-pooh it altogether.


linda said...

Call me dumb, but what is ooligan grease? The salmon and seaweed part sounds yummy, just not sure about the grease!

Nerissa said...

ooligan grease is a fermented fish-oil condiment created by many of the coastal native groups in BC. They used it to flavour foods and moisten food that was very dry, like seaweed. Think of it like Native butter (since they had no cows they had to have some greasy flavouring agent). Depending on which group made the grease, it can have a very subtle fish-ocean taste all the way up to having a very cheesy, strong smell. It is a food you either love or hate.

Thanks for stopping by!

linda said...

Thank you for the explanation. It sounds like an acquired taste ;)

Anonymous said...

Wondering how often you are active on this page? Cause I am looking for ooligan grease. And willing to trade or purchase a quart, a gallon what ever you got or know of anyone that has any grease to sell? Got a phone no. I am on the southeast panhandle of the state of Alaska. Drop me a line my name is Zola

Lucas said...

i would like to buy oolichan oil. i am trying to make some from our local smelt but no success yet. Lucas
Lopez Island, Washington