Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Renewal

It's a start, at least. It may be nothing new and groundbreaking for well-stocked foodies out there in the bloggieworld but I had to share my next level of foodiedom. I made pasta from scratch for the first time.

Even with all the quirks and annoyances getting to that stage, I am very proud of myself for getting there. And to think it was all so easy (if you don't count a borrowed pasta maker that would rather fling itself off the counter than stay put). Now I'm hooked. I want to try again. And again. And maybe... again!

I even made sure I tried the pasta maker before I went down south to Vancouver so I'd know what little things would make my next time easier. For example, I definitely needed to level up on the scale. So I got one. Wish I could have got one of those hundred dollar examples out there but I'll just have to save up for it along with the pasta maker, a new car, etc. But I have other things I got to make the three month wait worth it--fresh herbs for the garden, Italian tomato paste, anchovy paste and the funkiest kitchen shears given as an early birthday present from my dear friend.

Freshly made pasta ready for the pasta pot.

The homemade pasta with asparagus and prosciutto, cream sauce

I've been doing some spring cleaning of my more whiney posts and maybe take the Easter message of rebirth seriously this time. Can't think of a better time to blossom back into the foodie world. Let's just hope I mean it this time. ;-)