Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Memories of France

Since I was such a slacker in Summer to show my Brittany food, here's a teaser of items I ate:

A tartar of salmon with beets and creme fraiche: surprising flavour mix 9/10

Foie gras with an apple tart and parsley salad: amazing taste, way too rich for me 8/10

sliced rolls of pistachio and pigeon: I can say I had pigeon.Very strong in taste 7/10

Rouget with Mediterranean veggies and a sauce with black olives: 7/10

Palais of cream cheese with strawberries. Lime Creme Anglaise. Almond scented cookie
20/10... I would live in this dessert if I could. For Life. It is what I would describe as perfect. Everything was so perfect you'd either have to cry or swear to get out the type of emotional impact it had on me. God, those strawberries were absolutely perfect.