Sunday, July 13, 2008


There's nothing as disheartening as realizing that you've travelled thousands of miles to a foreign country to stay for a month and find you've forgotten something you consider rather vital. I brought my camera, batteries, recharger, french plug adaptor... but no download cord. I mean, I suppose it could be much worse. I could have found that I'd left the picture cards or the camera itself at home. THAT would have been worse. We're going to have to see if we can get an outside source download port. The French don't seem to be nearly as tech crazy as North America so I am crossing my fingers on this. The Frog has a friend who has a small computer store/repair shop. He may know what to do if we can't figure it out.

If there is nothing to be done, I'm going to have to rely on my word skill to describe the food. I hope you don't mind. Then, maybe after I get back, I can upload pictures to go with the words.


Michelle said...

I know you can help us envision it even without pictures! It could be worse; I got my camera stolen on my trip to Spain several years ago and then I didn't have any pictures at all!

Christine said...

I've always loved your way with words, Nerissa. Think of it as good mental excercise! The photos will be the cream on top when you are able to upload them.

Nerissa said...

Michelle: Oh dear! Stolen? Now that would be horrid. I'm so glad you believe in me :-)

Christine: Gosh, thanks for your kind words!