Saturday, July 21, 2007

That Time of Year Again

Ack! Quiet again for so long? I've really got to kick my butt more often.

As a teacher I don't have any munchkinlettes around at this time of the year (even if I've started working hard for the next school season). But all that hard work can't always be that bad if done in the foodie heaven called France. Yes, folks, I am in France again this summer with zee Frog and zee Frogger-in-Law.

Please understand that these trips are less about finding as many touristy spots as possible as it is about family. I experience what the average tourist does not--everyday life in the land of wine and cheese. So I get to go to the regular supermarkets. I eat regular family meals. I sit at the local café-bar on the terrace and watch a little life go by. I take small trips to local spots of beauty (hoping to see a local ruined abbey soon). And that can be just fine for me as I enjoy the quiet, unpestered way of life. I enjoy exotic locations but I also enjoy biding my time and getting to know a place well.

So, if you're still interested in knowing a less Versailles-and-Eiffel Tower kind of France through a North American's eyes, please raise your hand. I can't promise Victor Hugo on a blog page but I'll try and keep you interested.


Christine said...

Yes, yes, YES! The quiet life in France - it's what I dream about. Bring us more please!

PatL said...

My hand is in the air and waving vigorously! One reason I love France is because I was able to visit a friend living in Paris for my very first visit. It makes a HUGE difference in how you experience a country, much for the better, and darn near spoiled me for tourism of the more traditional variety.

raineth said...

*waves hands in air wildly*

Hooray for you (and lucky us)! It's good to see you back in blogland :)
If all goes well, I shall be returning to France in September, so I would LOVE to hear more about your off-the-tourist-path travels & experiences. Count me in!

Nerissa said...

You have been heard, friends. I shall start then *s*