Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Back from Bretagne

Dear Bretagne,

I miss you already. I long for your endless outcroppings of ferns,

your prickly little flowers and berries,

your wind-swept trees,

your seaweed-scented shores.

Even your sometimes stony heart...

When I look out the window, I don't see your many boats and little villages dotting the rivieres, ocean or shores anymore.

When I step out the door, I see geraniums everywhere but no more the purple and blue hydrangeas you wore so gallantly.

All the houses I see now are peach-hued and carrot-tops. I look to your pictures for the white skin and black tresses.

Give me back the time when I saw your black and white flag defiantly declaring your uniqueness culturally and linguistically in a sea of French.

Take me back to the shores which offer so much sea wealth

You shipwrecked my heart on your sandy shores and never let it go.

But I don't want it back. It's yours.

ever enamored,



I won't be able to cover so much about Bretagne in the next days as I'd like but I'll do my best until I leave for home on Thursday.


wheresmymind said...

I love the last boat picture and the white/blue house!

s'kat said...

Ahhh.... beautiful!

*dreamy sigh*

Sara said...

Look at all that beautiful seafood! Heavenly.

christine said...

Oh, my heart goes out to you and how you will miss your Bretagne. You have given me such a wonderful armchair trip, I sometimes felt as if I was there with you. Thank you so much for your words, photos, sharing!
I do hope you will share your visit to Chartres with us.

Jasmine said...

How envious I am.

And how grateful I am that you've shared these lovely pictures.

Let me add my voice to Christine's--please share your Chartres visit with us...


Nerissa said...

wmm: thanks. I rather like them a lot too.

s'kat: *smiling at you*

sara: oh... I'm just gettin' warmed up! More to come.

Christine: I'm glad you're enjoying it. Don't worry. Chartres is in the works. I have a couple of pictures up in my Flickr if you want to peek. Look below for the link.

Jasmine: Glad you've been enjoying Seems Chartres is rather popular... I'll get working on it a bit faster. Look here for some preview pictures:

Nerissa said...

Ack! I suck at HTML... Please click on the date of the above comment by me. THAT is where you will find the flickr pics. *grumble*

sher said...

How beautiful--and heartfelt. Thank you for those lovely pictures! It was so nice of you to share your visit. :)

michelle said...

Lovely - I especially love how you weaved your pictures into a perfect poem. And I don't understand HTML at all either!!

bea at La Tartine Gourmande said...

It just looks like a lovely time. I love Bretagne too!

Nerissa said...

sher: thanks for your words... I don't even feel that my words can really convey how much I love the place but I'm glad you like what I wrote

michelle: I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't understand HTML. I'm glad you like the post. I didn't think a regular post would do for such an emotional attachment

bea: It was really nice and I hated to see it end. Bretagne has a magic all its own!

PatL said...

New England sounds a lot like your beloved Bretagne ... all except for the French, of course. Come visit, it's just across the continent!

Nerissa said...

It's a lot like my coast too *S* However, maybe I'll take up your suggestion some day soon.

Patti said...

Beautiful post!