Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Trout with Lemon and Capers

Even though the grey days are trying to continue the feel of winter, little jolts of spring are everywhere. From the evening "cheery-up" of robins, the splash of magenta salmonberry flowers, the clouds of seagulls feasting on herring to the mini-vw sound of the hummingbirds in hot pursuit of rivals, the blahs of the colder months are being shooed out of Waglisla. Even some foods can chase away those winter blues. Rainbow trout is just such a contender. I've rarely had trout but when I did, it was always in summer. So, psychologically, I tag warm weather to the taste of these little beauties.

Now the problem was that I had never actually cooked trout myself. I always got it from others and it was always cooked. So, what to do? I found a very simple recipe that lends itself well to such a tasty fish at which involved very little work and needed little in the way of ingredients I didn't already have. THAT, of late, is a big bonus. Our shelves have been a bit more empty these days since our major source of food delivery, the ferry "Queen of the North", sank some weeks ago.

The recipe is basically one of flouring and frying the fish. After playing with their jaws to make my own ventriloquist act for Ben, I did just that. Served with a butter-caper sauce, boiled potatoes and salad, it was a nice, bright tasting pick-me-up. So, without further ado: Trout with Lemon and Capers


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Trout+ butter + lemon + capers= the perfect combination! Yum! BTW, it will go perfect with my champagne sorbet! LOL :)

Ivonne said...

What a beautiful photograph! I love reading about people's experiences trying things that they've never cooked before.

And the trout sounds lovely ... with capers and lemon ... yum!

Jamie: said...

I loooove capers and lemon -- especially with fish! I often make salmon with lemon and capers as well. Trout is so much lighter, though... that sounds amazing.

*notes to ask monger about trout next time*

Nerissa said...

Melissa: ;-p Hugs too :)

Ivonne: thanks! Rumor has it that there are trout in a nearby lake so I might distance myself from being a trout virgin anymore ;-)

Jamie: Oh yes... lemon and capers are SOOO good with fish. Especially a delicate one. I first fell in love with the combination in France. It was on skate though. I've been hankering for a nice skate wing lately.

sher said...

Oh, that looks like heaven!! I just decided to fix fish for dinner. Thank you!

Cyndi said...

I normally have DH throw back all the trout he catches, but this might be a recipe to try next time. It looks yummy!

s'kat said...

Sometimes the simplest preparation really lets the best of ingredients shine through. Well done!

ps- I like to play with any food that comes with a head, too!

s'kat said...
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BNA said...

looks beautiful!

michelle said...

Mmm...trout is one of my favorite fish! As a kid we used to go out fishing for trout and then fry them up for breakfast with potatoes! I can't believe your food delivery boat sank! That just stinks!!

Nerissa said...

sher: You're welcome!

Cyndi: It was yummy. Keep a couple small ones. It's a nice dish.

s'kat: Thanks! I agree. Simple is a great way to go. I'm glad I'm not the only one who plays with my food LOL

BNA: Thanks!

michelle: It's a lovely taste, isn't it? What a lucky thang you were to have trouts nearby as a kid.
Well, actually the Queen of the North is more than just food delivery. It was a vital and cheaper way for any car/truck/footpassenger to get between the top of Vancouver Island and Prince Rupert up the coast. It also did a lot for the tourism business up here, transporting people from all corners of North America and Europe up and down the Discovery Coast. It shook up a lot of people around here because almost everyone has been on that boat at least once in their life. Some people were regular passengers for years. Everyone talked about "what if it had happened when I was on there?" I know I did.