Saturday, January 14, 2006

Toooooo much information

S'kat hath me tagged. Too Much Information is the name of the game. I've been vacillating between thoughts that produced WAAAAAY too much information and things so innocuous I rather think they'd not count. But I'll try to play at this game which entails "writing ten random and interesting facts about yourself and they need not be food-related".

So, without further ado,in no particular order, here is .... ME:

1) I love dogs with squishy jowls. I grew up with boxers and my heart has been lost to squishy dog faces since.

2)I just recently acquired a new pet after 5 years of not having one (if you knew my family you'd know how bizarre this really is). Charlotte is a Syrian hamster. She is my foster baby (poor sweetie was abandoned)

3)The Frog (whose real name is Ben, btw) and I met on the internet.

4)My favourite colour is cerulean

5)I like dragonfly motifs in my life but I am VERY picky about their appearance.

6)I took about seven years of vocal training (singing)

7)I always succumb to tears when I see news casts of children suffering or crying

8)I've been to the capital of France and Holland but I haven't ever been to the capital of my own country or even the capital of my own province!!! (Later note: I do apologize Papa! You are right! I WAS in the capital of Belgium as well. That knowledge completely slipped out of my brain at the time).

9)My original arts degree is in archaeology

10)I've never dyed my hair ever or ever got a tattoo BUT they are on my to-do list. I've even thought of purple or peacock blue but it'll probably end up being auburn hair dye. Hmm... a bit of a delayed teenage rebellion? Perhaps.

Okay... that's enough. Back to our regularly scheduled program now.

Robyn,Linda,Crazy Gaijin, Melissa and Michelle are hereby tagged


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Nerissa, thank you for the tag, I´ll be working on your meme tonight. So far I have been tagged 3 times in the last 3 days to do 3 different memes!!! Wow, will post them tonight :)
I can't believe that you have never dyed your hair, wow, that is really unusual.
It would be fantastic if you start a podcast someday, would be great to hear your voice, and maybe a song or too :)

lisa--In a Nutshell said...

Number 8 is hilarious!

And Charlotte is quite cute!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

Dear Nerissa, I have tagged you to do the "SEVEN meme"! This is the link:

Nerissa said...

Lisa: Glad I could amuse ;) Charlotte is a cutiepie!

Heya Melissa... I'm tagged again. Ack! And to think the ten caused me agony. Now I have something like 35 to think about? Oh dear.;-D

Thanks hun *HUGS*

s'kat said...

AAAAhh, love the listing! First of all, your little adopted baby is such a cutie! I'm not sure what makes a Syrian hamster different than the other fellas, but he's pretty fly.

I loved that same colour so much, that one of my old internet monikers was 'ceruleanfire'.

Never dyed your hair? Better late than never!

Robyn said...

I wrote too much in my blog! :O

I've never gotten a tattoo or dyed my hair, but they're not on my to do list. ;D Haven't gotten piercings either. Um. I guess my to do list has to do with eating lots of chocolate.

Nerissa said...

S'kat: I don't really remember what makes Syrians what they are. I think it has to do with their markings (brown or brown with white stripes around the tummy). I think they were one of the original hamsters on the pet market. They've been bred to be more docile than their wild ancestors.
Always nice to know there are others out there who even know the word "cerulean" :D
Nope... never did dye it. Wonder if I will!

Robyn: You did NOT write too much! I really enjoyed reading your information. Don't be so hard on yourself. I wouldn't have asked you if I didn't WANT to know :D

Chocolate on a to-do list sounds good to me. I'd follow that to do list any day ;D

sailu said...

Your newly acquired pet is cho chweet..:)

linda said...

Well,got to tell you, but I also tagged you for the 7 meme. Looks liek you are a popular gal! I had fun with the ten random facts one!

michelle said...

Charlotte is adoreable - I've had a few hamsters myself, so I'm always a sucker for them. It took me 26 years to get to my own capital, I'm already picturing you (my made up in my mind you) with blue hair, I'm a news crier myself, and everyone needs a tattoo!

Crazy Gaijin said...

Tagged you back!!!!!

I have tagged you for the "5 cooking challenges for 2006" meme. Check out my blog for details....

Cooking in Japan

Looking forward to it.....


Randi said...

i met my spouse on the internet too.

Nerissa said...

Sailu: She thinks so too. She thinks that by just staring at me with her big eyes that I'll feed her a broccoli stem. She's right. I fall hook line and sinker.

Linda: It would seem you're right. I am very popular today. Also seems like I've got some meme work cut out for me. ;D

Ta michelle! Charlotte is a adorable scamp. I've already lost my heart to her. Froggie too. She's far more sweet-natured than my last hamster, Messalina (that was eons ago). Laugh it is a dream to have that bright blue hair but I wonder if it will happen. Tattoo WILL happen, though.

Aghh... Crazy... ya got me! I'm going to be a busy little girl trying to think of all this stuff. Thanks for the tag :D

Hi Randi :D Cool!