Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Ten...errr... Eleven Favourite Foods

I was tagged by a fellow food blogger, Michele of Chef Michele's Adventures for this subject. I have to name my top ten favourite foods. Seems an awfully limited thing for us foodies out there, doesn't it? Fellow Canadian Ruth of Once Upon A Feast is credited for starting this this meme: You are what you eat.

I just couldn't pare it down to the ten foods. I had to add one more because I just couldn't leave it out. Here they are, in no particular order:

1)Ginger- any way : fresh, pickled, candied, jellied, you name it, I like it. All hail ginger!

2)Anything from the onion family: onions, shallots, leeks, green onions, garlic … ahhh how I love them all, cooked or raw.

3)Berries: I never met a sweet berry I didn’t like. Tomatoes don't count. I said sweet didn't I? ;-) Like with peas, these have some childhood memories attached to them. Part of childhood's summer was finding the berry bushes from which to gobble all you could eat of things like blackberries, raspberries, salmonberries, blueberries, thimbleberries. My newest love is pink currants (My future mother-in-law has some growing amongst her red currants). The pink are more sweet than the red.

4)Pickles: I love pickles and will try anything pickled in the hopes of finding new favourites. My current favourites are Vlasic dills and Bick's Pickled Banana Peppers

5)Sushi: life wouldn’t quite be the same without sushi…. *drool* My favourite place to go is a little shop in the mall, would you believe it? But they make the best sushi I can remember having. If you're in the area, try it out: Togo Sushi

6)Almonds: Any way. Any where. Especially almond paste.

7)Chocolate: Like I could leave this out? I don't count white chocolate though. Too sweet for me and not REAL chocolate anyways. ;)

8)Peas: I looooove peas! In the shell, out of shell, snow, snap, sugar, fresh, frozen, dried. I think this one has one of the closest associations with childhood because of my Mom's garden. She always grew peas. My sister and I were given the run of the garden for a between-meal snack. I headed to the pea patch a lot to slit open the emerald beauties, pop the peas in my mouth and then chew on the pods like it was gum. Ahhh....

9)Anything with a smoked taste: smoked salmon, smoked gouda, smoked cheddar, bacon, kippered herring, smoked oysters, smoked mussels, etc. I’ve even been known to put liquid smoke in things like mashed potatoes because I love the taste so much.

10)Potatoes: Mashed, baked in the jacket, fried, French fries, scalloped, hashed. Oh mighty starch, you call my name!

11)Goat milk products including the milk and the cheese. Yummers! Some people find the taste of the milk too strong for them but I like the tang it has. I absolutely fell in love with this when I first had it in France.

A perfect meal of mine entails something like this: an amuse-bouche of tuna sashimi, a starter of broiled chevre salad, followed by a main dish of hashed browns with fried onions, peas and a smoked fish, dill pickles on the side, followed by a dessert of chocolate covered almonds and chocolate-dipped candied ginger.

Okay Foodie psychologists, what does that say about ME?


michelle said...

It says that you like many of the same foods I do! Thanks for the tag!

Michele said...

I totally agree with you about the smoked foods... bacon with smoked cheese on smoked bread sounds good to me, LOL!

LisaSD said...

Nerissa--I'm SO with you on the almonds...I'm thinking of embarking upon a month where I post nothing but almond recipes...

You should see Alton Brown's show on smoking...He builds his own smoker to make smoked salmon. Alton gets carried away sometimes!

Nerissa said...

You're welcome for the tag, Michelle :) Somehow it doesn't surprise me that we have similar favourite foods for some reason.

Michele: Ah yes... it was funny. When I was trying to do raw veganism, smoked food was what I craved. Not sweets, not salt... SMOKED FOOD!! I always was an odd cookie ;)

Lisa: Oh almonds... ahhh... I can't wait to see you fulfill your almond month. Maybe I'll join you ;-)
As for building a smoker... Well I have SEVERAL experts around here. The Native reserve where I teach is traditionally a fishing village with smoking as one of the major sources of food storage. If smoking is your game, this is a place to be! I even know of a teacher who used an old, broken down fridge as his fish smoker! Whatever works :)

linda said...

MMMM smoked...
Thank you for the tag ~ I will get to it after this weekend. Hope you are enjoying your time in Vancouver!

Melissa CookingDiva said...

I glad I found another almond paste lover!!! Yes :)
Thank you for adding me to your blogroll. I will add yours to mine right now. Hugs and Happy Holidays from Panama!